“Always do the right thing; this will gratify some people and astonish the rest.”
- Mark Twain

The NHC Core Values are:
The mission of NHC is to be profitable while providing an unparalleled experience for our guests, a respectful, productive, and enjoyable work environment for our employee-owners, and while at the same time giving back to our communities and environment. To assist in this mission NHC follows these Guiding Principles:

At its core NHC’s success is built on the success of each employee. As an employee-owned (ESOP) company each employee has the opportunity to own a piece of the ‘NHC pie.’ It is this entrepreneurial spirit that is found in every facet of our businesses and it is the talent, passion, and character of our people that make our company unique and successful. Our ESOP culture allows this group of individuals to have a voice in many of the decisions that are made. ESOP also creates a sense of ownership that is unlike any other employment experience. This is what has nurtured our growth; this is what has made NHC a leader in its industry.
By listening to our guests and observing their behaviors, we strive to be able to anticipate their needs and desires so that we can provide for them an exceptional experience far beyond their expectations. Our team members are empowered and encouraged to take the steps
necessary to make each guest’s visit a positive one. We trust their instinct and judgment and will support every effort to exceed guest expectations.

We challenge ourselves to deliver excellence every time. If our guests are conditioned to expect excellence, they will soon view any other experience as sub-standard. We WANT them to be spoiled! We must set the bar so high that our competitors will not be able to meet our
guests’ MINIMUM expectations. The result is that our guests will need to come to us because they will not be satisfied with anything less than excellence. We challenge ourselves to notice and search for even the slightest details that will allow you to deliver beyond the guest’s expectation.

We take pride in being a “food first” organization. We recognize that people go out to eat to EAT. It is all about the food. We invest in the highest quality culinary talent, commit to their training and continued development, and we foster an environment where they can let their creativity flourish.

We are able to maximize our long-term profitability by fostering a disciplined approach to financial planning. We adapt our products and services to the ever-changing marketplace and invest capital to grow value in a thoughtful and strategic manner.

Our goal is to proactively identify ways that we can contribute to the environment and our community. We strive to develop creative ideas that are beneficial to both the environment and our shareholders and to look for opportunities to partner with local non-profit organizations.

Our overriding goal is to ensure that we operate as an ethical company. We consider our Do the Right Thing core value in every business decision we make. We invite every member of our team to come forward if they have questions about policies or standards, if they believe that ethical standards have been violated, or if they want to inquire about the appropriateness of a particular action.

These four core values are the guideposts for every decision we make and truly represent who we are as a company.


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